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In August 2009, Melanie Weiss had an inspiration for a product that would make tracking foods easier and faster. As she began developing her idea, it went through a number of stages and formats before evolving into SureCount.  She dedicated herself to learning as much as possible about diabetes and carbohydrate foods and consulted with a number of experts in the field. The overwhelmingly positive feedback she received encouraged Melanie to turn SureCount into a reality.

With a Master’s in Health Administration from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Melanie  has worked with nonprofit organizations that promote healthy eating programs in school and helped rural farmers bring their farm-fresh products to urban communities. She has written about health and wellness issues for a variety of publications including the Journal of Nursing Education and Family, Safety and Health. She also has contributed to a textbook published by McGraw-Hill.

She loves to eat delicious, healthy food. Her interests include her family and growing an organic garden.

Melanie wishes to acknowledge the guidance provided by Merle Shapera, MS, RD, CDE, a registered dietitian with over 20 years of clinical diabetes education experience.


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If you have been diagnosed as diabetic, or pre-diabetic, it is empowering to know that the condition can often be managed with a proper diet. SureCount is a useful tool to help patients know exactly how many grams of carbohydrates are in the foods they probably already eat. It is durable, portable and easy to use — I would have found it very helpful when I had gestational diabetes years ago!

As a holistic health coach, I encourage my clients to take their health into their own hands by implementing gradual, enjoyable lifestyle changes to avoid going on medications. SureCount is a really helpful way to help diabetics do just that.

Lisa Browdy, HHC, AADP
Health WithInsight

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